Welcome to the Gluten-Free Nosh blog.

My youngest daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease three years ago. Since then she has been on a strict gluten-free diet and our house is 95% gluten-free.

We’ve learned how to create gluten-free versions of some of our favorite foods, how to navigate through restaurants and vacations gluten-free and how to deal with issues that come up at schools, birthday parties and playdates.

Our latest challenge is to increase nutrition by developing recipes that use alternative gluten-free flours that are higher in protein and fiber than most traditional gluten-free foods. We’d also like to develop gluten-free versions of traditional Jewish recipes, since we’ve struggled finding suitable substitutes on too many holidays.

We’ve designed this site to share recipes, tips and experiences that we hope will help gluten-free families. Please leave us comments to let us know what you think.



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6 responses to “Welcome

  1. lgsmith512

    I love your website! My grand-daughter is gluten-free and this has helped our family so much. Your daughters are so cute. Please continuing posting these helpful recipe. Sending my love from Kentucky!

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  2. Stephanie

    What a wonderful website! I’ve been GF for two years and although I don’t have kids yet, I do think about having a GF household and the implications, especially in combination with a Jewish kitchen. Thank you for all of your recipes – especially the Jewish ones. I can’t wait to make matzah balls (2 years without them!!)
    And I see you’re in Chicago – howdy neighbor!

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    • Thanks, Stephanie. Hope you enjoy the blog and enjoy all the GF options in Chicago. I do intend to post a Chicago GF restaurant list at some point, but I’ve been saying that for a while! Also, you can prob find the Lieber’s GF knaidel mix in Chicago at Hungarian Kosher Foods on Oakton, or at the Jewel on Howard in Skokie. Enjoy!

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  3. Debby

    Loved all the recipes and comments. Anything that is easy to make, requires little prep time and tastes great is a blessing in my eyes!
    Thanks for having this blog…it will be a wonderful resource for all, particularly families with children.

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