More protein

We took my 5-year-old daughter for her annual celiac checkup yesterday. Unfortunately, her growth curve has slowed a bit and her doctor was a little concerned. She is still at the 5th percentile for height, as she has been in the past. But her weight curve slowed from the 15th percentile to the 5th.

They took some blood tests (despite my daughter carrying on and crying for 10 minutes) and we’ll get the results next week. In the meantime, they want us to add more protein to her diet, so more eggs, beans, peanut butter, nuts, dairy, whole milk, etc.

We love her doctor, Dr Guandalini. He’s a pediatric gastroenterologist and founder of The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center. We also love Lara Field, the friendly dietitian who always has time to talk to us and offer helpful advice. They both couldn’t be nicer.



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  1. Very interesting blog post thank you for writing it I have added your site to my favorites and will check back 🙂 By the way this is a little off subject but I really like your sites layout.


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