Hi! I’m happy to hear from you.

Please feel free to post a general comment on this page, or e-mail me at:

I love talking about all things gluten-free, so feel free to let me know if you have any gluten-free questions.

Also, I am available for gluten-free consulting in the Chicago area. Services include:

  • Grocery guide: I will meet you at a local grocery store and advise you as to which tasty gluten-free foods to buy, as well as discuss label reading and menu planning.
  • Kitchen confidential: I will meet in your home and advise you on how to set up and stock your kitchen to prepare gluten-free meals, whether your kitchen is entirely gluten-free or partially gluten-free.
  • School/camp advice: I will share strategies and letters that work, so you can be prepared when sending your gluten-free child off to school or camp.

I look forward to talking to you and helping in any way that I can!

— Eve


17 responses to “Consulting

  1. Lora

    I bought Yehuda cake meal thinking it was a cake mix only to find out there isn’t a recipe on how to make a cake lol.
    Is there a recipe that you can send to my email address. I want to make a cake for niece for her birthday.


  2. Hey there, You have done a great job. I’ll definitely digg it and personally recommend to my friends. I’m sure they’ll be benefited from this website.


  3. Thanks so much for your blog. I subscribe to the National Celiac Foundation
    newsletter and that is how I found you. I have had celiac all my life.
    Some days I get very frustrated with the whole thing. Most days are
    very positive and I am a survivor : )


  4. I found your BLOG while in search of pizza dough and filo dough recipes that really are good and gluten free. I’m attracted to you Tagalong recipe – will try it soon – but wonder if you’ve ever tried Samoas? Now that I think about it, the cookie part of the Tagaongs could be a base for caramel and coconut. In fact, it could be a base for so many things. Hmmm


  5. Alyson

    I just made your gluten free hamentashen recipe and had to let you know that they are absolutely amazing!! We like your recipe better than non gluten hamentashen !!! Thx so much for sharing


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  7. susan dolin

    I am gluten free and bought Yehuda brand gluten free cake meal. I have no clue on baking recipes using this product. Can you suggest some rolls breads cakes recipes? Thanks in advance. I cant tolerate corn soy or rice so I am hoping to use this cake meal.



    • Hi Susan,

      I saw the cake meal at the store, but I didn’t buy it, because I wasn’t sure what to do with it!

      I’d suggest using it in recipes instead of matza meal or flour. My hunch is that it might turn out a little gummy, because it’s made mostly with potato starch and tapioca starch. So I’d start with recipes that call for 1 cup of flour or less.

      Please let me know how it turns out!!



  8. leah sodden

    I’m sorry I didn’t know of your website before Purim. It has been a tradition to bake hamantashen for years which we had to forgo this year. We ended up buying in the heavenly mills gf bakery in brooklyn. they were delicious but were no fun! How do I access the link for your recipes?


    • Leah.
      I don’t have an index page of recipes (though that would be a good idea). Instead, you can search using the search field on the navigation bar on the right side, or search by tags or categories on the navigation bar.

      I’m glad you will be able to make the hamantaschen for next year. It is good to be able to carry on traditions.



  9. Lois Drizin

    Help please!!! I am now gluten free and night shade vegetable free. Night shade vegetables are potatos, tomatoes, All peppers (bell to chili)and eggplant. This is my first passover and I am having trouble finding recipies that are potato flour or potato starch free. i would to find a cracker or bread recipe passover.


    • You are right — a lot of gluten-free Passover food is made with potato starch. But take hope — you have a lot of alternatives. Here are some ideas (although I have not tried the recipes in the following links). Elana’s Pantry has a lot of gluten-free, paleo recipes that might be appropriate for you. Also, look for recipes that are made with a base of almond flour (think a French chocolate torte); ground almonds are easy to find in the Passover aisle. Instead of potato starch, you can most likely sub tapioca starch in most recipes; the two starches are very similar and should be largely interchangeable. Find a gluten-free brownie recipe with a small amount of GF flour, and sub tapioca starch instead. I haven’t tried using only tapioca starch (and no xanthan gum) in my gluten-free brownie recipe, but I bet it would work. For sweets, look to coconut macaroons. Or make a chocolate mousse pie with a Manischewitz macaroon pie shell.

      You could buy gluten-free oat matzah, which just has oat flour and water. You could also make a gluten-free cheese cracker recipe, such as this cheese cracker made with almond flour and cheese or this grain-free almond cracker. I hope those suggestions help make your holiday easier!



      • cheryl mel

        I know this reply is over a year late, but I just stumbled onto your site, after a friend gave me a canister of Yehuda GF cake meal. I have celiac disease. Potato starch can be replaced with equal amounts of cornstarch or arrowroot. The taste will be somewhat different (especially with cornstarch) but it does work. Your batter will thicken up very rapidly, so you’ll need to work quicker than with potato starch (don’t let it sit!). I have done this breads and stronger flavored desserts such as chocolate or spice cakes, etc. Hope this helps somebody. Cejay


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