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Field Trips

school bus

The 5-year-old had a school field trip to the Adler Planetarium yesterday. In the morning, I had a brain flash and quickly dashed off this email to her teacher: “Just a quick reminder for the field trip. If you pack snacks for the class, please grab something for [my daughter]. Thanks!”

It was a good thing I sent the note. I ran into the teacher in the hall after drop-off and she said they were packing bagels and cream cheese for the kids. She said she hadn’t thought about bringing a gluten-free snack for my daughter, but she was happy to grab a bag of Glutino pretzels out of her GF snack box.

I learned from experience. My daughter had gone on a field trip during camp last summer. The counselors had packed snacks for the kids but had forgotten to bring a gluten-free snack for her. To their credit, they stopped the bus at a gas station and bought her a banana. The 5-year-old was thrilled that they stopped the bus for her!



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